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Decorative Fencing Near Arvada, CO

Welcome to the premier provider of decorative and custom fencing in Arvada, Colorado and the surrounding regions.

If you’re searching for an elegant, durable fencing solution to enhance your property’s curb appeal while also gaining added privacy and security, you’ve come to the right place.

Unlike chain fencing companies that offer basic installation services, our team specializes in beautifully crafted decorative fencing options customizable to match your unique vision.

We combine artistic sensibilities with master-level building capabilities to construct high quality wood, vinyl, iron, and aluminum fences guaranteed to transform your exterior space.

Our exquisite portfolio of patio, pathway, perimeter, and garden enclosures will inspire you to elevate your home or business’s landscape to new aesthetic heights.

With proper planning and flawless execution, a decorative fence achieves the optimal balance of form and function.

It must complement the existing architecture while also serving a practical purpose like marking boundaries, enclosing pets, supporting plants and vines, or framing focal points.

Our experts curate a holistic decorative fencing solution tailored to your needs so you can enjoy a cohesive look that visually expands your usable area and infuses any dull, lackluster zones with new energy and vibrancy.

Process We Follow for Decorative Fencing

The first step toward manifesting your decorative fencing dreams involves thorough information gathering and analysis by our design consultants. We carefully survey your property and document important specifications that will inform our recommendations such as:

  • Landscape and terrain particulars
  • Sun exposure patterns
  • Soil quality
  • Weather conditions
  • Architectural theme and accents
  • Intended fence purpose and placement
  • Local building codes and HOA requirements

This allows us to identify any potential construction challenges early in the process before they negatively impact the timeline or budget. Our team will also discuss options with you to determine the right decorative fencing style, height, and layout to fulfill your functional needs and aesthetic vision while blending seamlessly into the existing décor.

3D Design Conceptualization

Next, our artistic design team translates the knowledge gleaned during our site visit into a fully immersive 3D rendering showcasing your customized decorative fence. This enables you to virtually experience the proposed enclosure within the context of your property prior to installation.

We fine-tune every nitty gritty detail in this photorealistic depiction like material textures, finishes, landscaping elements, lighting, and more. You can request modifications until the concept meets or exceeds your expectations, so you feel completely confident proceeding.

Material Sourcing and Manufacturing

With an agreed upon design plan in place, our supply chain specialists source the highest grade decorative fencing materials available from ethical vendors known for responsible practices. Whether natural wood, composite vinyl, wrought iron, powder coated aluminum, or stainless steel—we only integrate premium quality products into our structures built to endure for decades with proper maintenance.

Our in-house construction team combines traditional techniques with cutting edge tools to handcraft unparalleled decorative fence components ready for flawless installation. Every hand-welded joint, precision cut, hardware attachment, and inserted embellishment gets meticulously inspected so all pieces integrate seamlessly during assembly on-site.

Fence Installation and Integration

Our experienced installers arrive with all the necessary equipment, components, and accessories in our clearly labeled trucks to facilitate a smooth fence construction process.

After efficiently unloading the materials, our crew marks the previously agreed upon fence perimeter with stakes and strings. Next, they dig sturdy holes for securing the posts in concrete before carefully piecing together the structure per specifications.

Throughout this meticulous process, our foreman continually double checks measurements and alignments using levels and tape to correct the slightest imperfections immediately for a consistently straight, structurally sound decorative boundary. The team works diligently to complete full seamless integration on schedule without disturbing existing landscaping whenever possible.

Post Construction Inspection and Finishing Touches

Before considering a project complete, our foreman will walk you through the finished fence installation to ensure it meets expectations. We will resolve any concerns that arise during this final quality assurance checkpoint. Our technicians will also clean the area, remove all debris, and apply protective sealants as needed to beautify and safeguard decorative components.

Then stand back and admire your stunning new custom designed decorative fence crafted by our exceptional team of skilled artisans! We strive to build lifelong relationships by exceeding client decorative boundary expectations year after year through precision planning, open communication, impeccable craftsmanship, and dedicated customer service. ‍

Envision and Materialize Your Dream Yard Boundaries!

Transforming lackluster spaces by erecting artistically designed decorative fences makes our team proud. We welcome you to browse our extensive idea portfolio full of charming wooden arbors, elegant iron accented perimeters, modern horizontal slat screens, and so much more. Our customizable decorative fencing possibilities are truly endless.

Just bring your vision and design aspirations to the table during a free consultation and we will ensure you love the final result!

Cost of Decorative Fencing in Arvada, CO

Due to the premium quality building materials and intensive labor involved, installing a customized decorative fence costs more upfront compared to basic chain link or privacy options. However, the exponentially enhanced curb appeal, security, privacy, usable recreational space, and resale value far outweigh initial installation expenses long-term.

Exact decorative fencing costs vary significantly based on:

  • Perimeter length
  • Height
  • Base material type
  • Intricacy of design embellishments like caps, finials, latticework, borders, lighting, gates, and accent planter boxes

To establish an accurate project quote, our design team will consider your unique specifications after thoroughly evaluating the property during a complementary site visit. We also happily provide you with a cost breakdown explaining precisely how the estimate was formulated.

Rest assured, the unparalleled craftsmanship and seamless customer service justifies investing in our deliberately designed and durably constructed decorative fences intended to enhance your exterior indefinitely. We also offer flexible financing options to help defray upfront expenses.

‍ Contact us today to actualize your perfect decorative fence dreams!

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Leveraging over 10 years serving Arvada residents, our skilled specialists assess your property to recommend the best fences.


We design fences tailored to match your home’s style so it feels uniquely yours, not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Quality Materials

Only durable, long-lasting woods and metals go into crafting fences that stand up for years in Colorado’s climate.

Professional Installation

Meticulous installation practices and strict building code compliance ensure your safety and security.

Customer Satisfaction

We refuse to complete a job until you’re 100% happy with your customized fence and the install process.


Competitive, upfront pricing and financing options make premium fences attainable for any homeowner’s budget.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Arvada, Colorado

FAQs About Decorative Fencing in Arvada, Colorado

Do you have expertise building fences from all different materials?

Yes! Our talented construction crew masters working with natural woods of all types along with composite vinyl, wrought iron, aluminum, steel, PVC, and other polymers toactualize durable decorative fencing visions. We source the optimal quality materials to match each client’s functionality requirements, budgets, HOA regulations, and aesthetic sensibilities.

How long does a typical decorative fencing installation take to complete?

Most projects take between 3 days to 2 weeks from start to finish depending on length. We efficiently organize crews of 2-6 fence builders determined to expertly implement the agreed upon decorative design plans on schedule. After completing the job, expect a crew foreman walkthrough to address any punch list items immediately.

Can you recreate the decorative fencing style at my favorite resort, hotel, restaurant, or garden?

Absolutely! We specialize in fabricating unique custom decorative fences inspired by clients’ favorite aesthetics discovered locally or throughout travels. Our design team recreates the architectural details and ornamental flourishes you adore using 3D conceptual renderings and premium building materials to match your decor.

What factors impact the cost of decorative fencing?

The primary drivers of decorative fencing costs include the linear perimeter footage, height variations, base material types, custom ornamentation extras, terrain complexity, demolition fees, and accessibility. Our transparent estimates clearly outline every cost consideration tailored to your specific project parameters.

Will a decorative fence increase my home’s value?

Yes! Well-designed ornamental fences boost curb appeal and usable backyard space. This draws more potential buyers willing to pay premium prices to properties with delightful decorative boundaries showcasing thoughtful cohesive designs. Real estate agents affirm our clients enjoy excellent ROIs from installing customized decorative fences.

How often should I maintain my decorative fence?

Expect to clean debris around the fence perimeter and apply protective sealant regularly. Annual inspections identify any damage issues early before they worsen. With periodic preservation touch-ups, your exquisitely designed decorative fence will endure for decades adding beauty and joy. We offer retainers providing discounted repairs.

What factors should I consider when choosing materials?

Primary considerations include HOA requirements, weather conditions, sustainability goals, privacy needs, longevity expectations, and maintenance capabilities. Our experts suggest optimal materials suiting your lifestyle after assessing decorative fence purpose, placement, and style preferences during our design consultation.

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