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Pool Fencing Near Arvada, CO

Welcome to Arvada Fence Company, your premier provider of high-quality pool fencing services in Arvada, Colorado and the surrounding areas.

Securing your backyard pool area is crucial for safety, especially if you have young children or pets.

Our team specializes in designing, building, and installing code-compliant pool fences that provide security, privacy and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor living space.

With over 10 years of industry experience, our pool fence contractors have installed hundreds of pool barriers for both residential and commercial properties across Arvada and beyond.

We use only the best fencing materials and advanced installation techniques to construct long-lasting, low-maintenance pool enclosures tailored specifically for your unique landscape.

From wood and vinyl to aluminum and iron, our fence builders can recommend the ideal fencing solution to match your home’s architecture and meet local safety regulations.

We also provide routine fence inspections, repairs, gate installations and can integrate state-of-the-art smart home technology into your pool fence system.

Investing in a professionally installed pool barrier from Arvada Fence Company gives you complete peace of mind knowing your outdoor area is secure. Contact us today for a free site evaluation and customized quote!

Process We Follow for Pool Fencing

Properly installing a pool safety fence requires expertise, proper planning and high-quality materials. Here is a detailed overview of our pool fencing process from start to finish:

Initial Site Evaluation

The first step our Arvada fence contractors take is performing a thorough site evaluation. We carefully assess the terrain where you want your pool barrier installed, take precise measurements, identify any obstructions, and consider highlights/issues with your existing landscape. This allows us to determine the optimal fence placement and recommend the best fencing solutions to suit your specific needs.

Custom Pool Fence Design

Using the site data gathered, our team then creates a customized pool fence design plan Just for you. This detailed plan specifies the fence height, layout, material type, color, accessories like gates/latches, and any unique considerations for your yard. We collaborate with you every step of the way to ensure the design complements your landscape aesthetics and satisfies local safety codes.

Permit Procurement

Prior to installation, our contractors obtain all necessary permits from the city for constructing your pool safety fence. We handle this tedious paperwork and approval process for you, giving you peace of mind knowing your new barrier meets all Arvada building codes and pool ordinances.

Precise Installation

With permits in place, our professional crew gets to work precisely installing your custom pool fence. We dig proper holes for the posts, carefully measure spacing between slats, perfectly align each fence section, and securely anchor the entire structure per industry best practices. The result is a beautifully crafted pool enclosure ready to provide safety, security and style for years to come.

Safety Inspection & Certification

As a final quality assurance step, we perform a thorough safety inspection checking for proper latch operation, gate self-closers, slat spacing, and overall structural integrity. Once the pool fence installation meets all quality and safety benchmarks, we issue an official certification of compliance for your records. Consider your outdoor space secured!

Follow-Up Service

While our fences are built to last, we want to ensure your pool barrier maintains peak performance for life. That’s why our Arvada crew provides routine fence maintenance, repairs gates when needed, and is always available for service calls at your convenience. Invest in a pool fence from the pros once, and enjoy reliable protection for the long run.

Cost of Pool Fencing in Arvada, CO

Installing a properly constructed pool safety fence requires professional expertise and high-grade materials. Here is an overview of what impacts the total project cost:

Fencing Material – The specific material you choose controls cost more than any other factor. Wood, vinyl, aluminum and wrought iron options are available within a wide range of budget levels. We guide you to the best material for your landscape.

Fence Height/Length – More height and linear footage naturally equates to higher overall project expense. Let our team recommend the ideal dimensions for safety, security and cost efficiency.

Accessories/Upgrades – Special attributes like automated gates, smart fence integrate, decorative post caps, or latch covers add cost. We help identify which upgrades provide the most value.

Site Complexity – Heavily sloped yards, dense landscaping, or poor drainage can complicate installation thereby increasing budget. Our quote clearly outlines site specifics that impact price.

Permits/Inspections – Some cities require pricey permits and code inspections for pool fences installed within their jurisdictions. We include these costs within our quotes for transparency.

While price varies based on these key attributes, our expert Arvada contractors work diligently to provide you with the most security and aesthetics within your stated budget. Contact us to review fence options specifically tailored to both your unique site specifications and financial needs. An outstanding pool barrier awaits!

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Leveraging over 10 years serving Arvada residents, our skilled specialists assess your property to recommend the best fences.


We design fences tailored to match your home’s style so it feels uniquely yours, not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Quality Materials

Only durable, long-lasting woods and metals go into crafting fences that stand up for years in Colorado’s climate.

Professional Installation

Meticulous installation practices and strict building code compliance ensure your safety and security.

Customer Satisfaction

We refuse to complete a job until you’re 100% happy with your customized fence and the install process.


Competitive, upfront pricing and financing options make premium fences attainable for any homeowner’s budget.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Arvada, Colorado

FAQs About Pool Fencing in Arvada, Colorado

Do I need a fence around my Arvada pool?

Yes, pool safety codes in Colorado mandate all outdoor pools be equipped with protective barriers to prevent unsupervised access. Fines can be levied without certified pool enclosures.

What height should my Arvada pool fence be?

Most areas mandate 48” height. Extra height provides added protection. We advise on optimal dimensions per code and your landscape. Gates must be self-closing/latching.

How much space should be between fence slats?

No more than 4 inches is allowed between slats by law. This prevents children from squeezing through. Proper spacing also enhances privacy.

Can I incorporate a pool gate that automatically locks?

Absolutely. We install high-tech self-latching gates secured by keypads or sensors. These provide maximum safety, especially for families with toddlers.

Which fencing material is best for pool barriers?

Aluminum provides contemporary style at affordable pricing. Vinyl has minimal maintenance. Wood brings classic elegance. Wrought iron is strongest but higher cost. We help select the ideal option.

Is landscaping allowed around the perimeter of my pool fence?

Shrubbery cannot provide climbing access or obscure visibility/access. Careful landscaping that satisfies code requirements can complement fencing.

Will my homeowners insurance discount my premiums for installing a pool fence?

Many insurers reward policyholders who demonstrate safety commitment by offering premium discounts for certified pool barriers. Check with your agent.

Can I choose custom colors for my pool fence to match exterior house colors?

Absolutely! Many materials such as vinyl, wood, and aluminum are available in a spectrum of colors. We match your unique preferences.

Does my pool require city permits and inspections?

Yes, permits and code inspections are mandated within Arvada city limits prior to opening your pool after new fence installations. We handle this entire process for you.

Why should I choose Arvada Fence Company for my pool barrier versus DIY options?

Our decade of specialized experience, professional project management, top-tier materials, and satisfaction guarantee deliver outstanding quality that enhances safety, security and home value. Most DIY installations fail to meet code. Trust the Arvada pool fence experts!

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From start to finish the fencing project was handled professionally. They provided options to meet our specific needs and budget
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