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When it comes to securing your commercial property in Arvada, CO, aluminum fencing is an attractive and durable option.

Aluminum fencing provides a modern, sleek look while also being sturdy and secure. It’s the perfect choice for businesses, warehouses, storage facilities, schools, apartment complexes and more.

Our team has installed hundreds of aluminum fences for commercial clients throughout Arvada and the surrounding areas.

We use only the highest quality materials and employ installation techniques that ensure your fence will stand the test of time.

Aluminum is naturally corrosion and rust resistant, so you can rest assured your fence will maintain its good looks for decades to come.

Unlike wood or chain link, aluminum fencing gives your property an upscale, contemporary aesthetic that aligns with modern architecture and design sensibilities.

It comes in a wide range of colors and panel styles, so you can customize the look to suit your facility. The clean lines and elegant appearance of aluminum fencing enhance your curb appeal and convey a sense of sophistication.

In addition to aesthetics, aluminum fencing is one of the most secure commercial fence options available today.

The structured panels and sturdy posts provide a formidable barrier that deters intruders and helps prevent break-ins. For an added layer of protection, we can equip your aluminum fence with locking gates, privacy slats, barbed wire and more.

Aluminum fencing is also very low maintenance compared to other materials. It won’t rot, warp or crack like wood.

And it never needs painting or staining to prevent rust. Just an occasional hose down is all it takes to keep your aluminum fence looking like new for decades.

If you want to combine visual appeal, strength and security for your commercial property in the Arvada area, aluminum fencing is an excellent choice.

Contact the experts at Arvada Fence Company today to learn more about our aluminum fence installation services for businesses and multi-family properties.

Process We Follow for Commercial Aluminum Fencing

When you choose Arvada Fence Company for your commercial aluminum fence project, you can expect a smooth, efficient installation process from start to finish. Here is an overview of what you can expect when partnering with our team:

Site Evaluation and Planning

The first step is for our team to come out and thoroughly evaluate your property. We take measurements and assess the terrain to determine the optimal fence placement, post spacing, gate locations and other factors. We can provide suggestions and ideas to help you maximize your budget while still achieving your security and aesthetic goals.

During the site visit, we will also identify any potential obstructions, like underground utilities, that could impact the installation. Addressing these ahead of time helps the project go smoothly. Our team will develop a detailed site plan showing exactly where your commercial aluminum fence will be installed.

Material Selection

With aluminum fencing, you have numerous options when it comes to color, height, posts, panels and accessories. We will review the styles and samples with you to narrow down your preferred material selection. Aluminum fencing comes in different grades and weights as well. We recommend a heavy-duty grade for optimal security and durability for commercial applications.

Some of the common panel styles we offer include:

  • Classic straight pickets
  • Decorative arched pickets
  • Horizontal rail panels
  • Vertical privacy slats
  • Combination panels with latticework tops

We use only aluminum fencing from the industry’s leading manufacturers, like Ameristar, Master Halco and install it per the manufacturer’s specifications.


For commercial fencing projects, permitting from the city is often required. We will handle this process for you start to finish, providing the required drawings, documents, fees and inspections. We maintain an excellent working relationship with local permitting offices, which helps expedite the approval process.

Precise Installation

Once the site is prepped and materials are ready, our crew will arrive to install your commercial aluminum fence. We take great care to install each post and panel perfectly aligned, straight and plumb. The sections are assembled using sturdy aluminum brackets and fasteners.

For the most robust installation, we dig holes for the posts and set them in concrete footers. This provides superior stability compared to installing the posts directly in the ground. The fence is also secured with aluminum rails at the top and bottom for added strength.

The installation is engineered to withstand the wind loads and other forces commercial fences are subjected to over their lifetime. We want the fence to retain its structural integrity for decades to come.

Throughout the installation, we ensure the workspace is cleaned up and secured every day before leaving the site. Safety and minimizing disruption to your property is a top priority.

Gates, Accessories and Finishing Touches

Once the fence panels are all in place, we move on to installing the gates, screens, barbed wire and any other accessories per the agreed upon design. The gates will have commercial-grade aluminum frames, hinges and hardware. We aim for the gates to operate smoothly and effortlessly.

As a final step, we will walk the site with you to identify any last tweaks or adjustments that need to be made. Our goal is for you to be 100% satisfied with the end result. We stand behind our workmanship and want you to be thrilled with your new commercial aluminum fence.

Throughout every phase, our team will keep you informed of the progress and any scheduling changes. We will also provide a final walk through and maintenance instructions once the project is complete. Our customer service doesn’t end when the job is done. We want to build a long-term relationship and be the commercial fence company you call again and again.

Cost of Commercial Aluminum Fencing in Arvada, CO

The cost of commercial aluminum fencing depends on several factors, including:

  • Linear footage – The amount of fencing needed to enclose the perimeter.
  • Fence height – Standard heights are 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 8ft, and 10ft. Taller fences cost more.
  • Post spacing – Wider spacing reduces number of posts but may sacrifice rigidity.
  • Accessories – Gates, privacy slats, barbed wire, etc. add expense.
  • Grade of aluminum – Thicker, heavier grades are more durable and secure.
  • Terrain – Fences over hills or uneven ground cost more to install.

In the Arvada area, aluminum fences typically range from $25 – $50 per linear foot installed. So for a 500 linear foot perimeter, total costs would be $12,500 – $25,000. Gates, privacy screens and hardware would be in addition to this.

We provide free quotes tailored to your exact requirements. There are no hidden charges or upcharges after the fact. What we quote is what you pay. For an accurate Commercial aluminum fence quote in Arvada, give our team a call today.

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Leveraging over 10 years serving Arvada residents, our skilled specialists assess your property to recommend the best fences.


We design fences tailored to match your home’s style so it feels uniquely yours, not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Quality Materials

Only durable, long-lasting woods and metals go into crafting fences that stand up for years in Colorado’s climate.

Professional Installation

Meticulous installation practices and strict building code compliance ensure your safety and security.

Customer Satisfaction

We refuse to complete a job until you’re 100% happy with your customized fence and the install process.


Competitive, upfront pricing and financing options make premium fences attainable for any homeowner’s budget.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Arvada, Colorado

FAQs About Commercial Aluminum Fencing in Arvada, Colorado

Is a permit required to install a commercial aluminum fence?

In most cases, yes. A permit from the city will be required for commercial fencing projects over 6 feet high or over a certain linear footage. We handle the permitting process for you.

What thickness of aluminum is best?

We recommend 1/8-inch extruded panels or thicker for optimal durability and security for commercial sites. Thinner aluminum can dent easier.

What is the most secure fencing for a commercial property?

For forced entry protection, we recommend 8-foot high panels with privacy slats, 3-inch post spacing, and 1/8-inch extruded aluminum grade. Topping with barbed wire also adds security.

How long does installation take?

The install time depends on the fence height, terrain, and linear footage. Typically 100 linear feet can be installed per day by a 2-3 person crew.

What maintenance is needed for aluminum fences?

Aluminum is virtually maintenance free. Just occasionally rinsing it with a hose to remove dirt is all that’s needed. It never requires painting, sealing or staining.

How long will an aluminum fence last?

Properly installed commercial aluminum fencing can last 30-40 years or longer. The powder coated finish prevents corrosion and fading.

Can I have a combination fence with aluminum and other materials?

Absolutely. Many clients opt for aluminum perimeter fencing with iron or steel gates for a distinctive look.

Will extreme weather conditions damage aluminum fencing?

Aluminum is very resilient and can withstand extreme heat, cold, wind and rain. The material will not rust or corrode.

Are there privacy options for aluminum fences?

Yes, vertical privacy slats can be integrated into the panels to block visibility similar to a wood privacy fence.

Can aluminum fence posts be set in concrete rather than dirt?

For optimal stability and strength, we strongly recommend installing the posts in concrete footers, especially for taller commercial fences.

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