Roadways of Arvada, Colorado

Arvada is a city located in Jefferson and Adams counties in the U.S. state of Colorado. It is part of the Denver-Aurora-Lakewood, CO Metropolitan Statistical Area. As of the 2020 Census, the population of Arvada was around 120,000 people.

Arvada has an extensive network of roadways that connect its neighborhoods, business districts, and recreational areas. The city is located northwest of downtown Denver off Interstate 70 and is intersected by several major highways and arterial roads.

This guide will provide an overview of the major roadways, highways, and street grids that make up Arvada’s transportation infrastructure.


Interstate 70

Interstate 70 (I-70) is the main east-west highway serving Arvada. It runs from Utah to Maryland, passing through many major cities along the Front Range including Arvada and Denver. In Arvada, I-70 provides access to the Olde Town district as well as connecting the city to downtown Denver, the Denver Tech Center, and Denver International Airport to the east.

Major exits in Arvada include Exit 266 for Kipling Street, Exit 264 for Wadsworth Boulevard, and Exit 262 for SH 93/72nd Avenue. I-70 is generally 6 lanes through Arvada and sees heavy traffic volumes, especially during peak commute times.

Interstate 76

Interstate 76 (I-76) is a major north-south highway that intersects Arvada. Known as the Mousetrap, I-76 connects northeast Denver and Commerce City to Arvada and highways heading towards the mountains and ski resorts such as I-70, US 6, and US 36. In Arvada, I-76 has interchanges at 64th Ave, SH 72/Indiana Street, and SH 93. I-76 provides an alternate route to I-25 for reaching downtown Denver from Arvada.


C-470 makes up part of the Denver metro area beltway system. It forms the southern border of Arvada, separating it from Littleton and Ken Caryl. C-470 connects I-70 on the east side of Arvada to US 6 and US 93 on the west side. Key interchanges within city limits include Wadsworth Parkway (SH 121), Kipling Street, and Morrison Road. C-470 provides access to Red Rocks Park, shopping in the Southwest Plaza area, and the Roxborough State Park.

Highway 93

Highway 93 (SH 93) is a major north-south highway on the western side of Arvada. Also known as Sheridan Boulevard within city limits, it connects Arvada and west Denver suburbs like Lakewood to Boulder on the north end. SH 93 has interchanges with I-76 and SH 72 in northern Arvada. Major cross streets include SH 95/Wadsworth Parkway and W. 52nd Ave.

Highway 95

Highway 95 (SH 95) runs mostly east-west through central Arvada, linking the communities of Leyden Rock and Lamar Station. SH 95 intersects I-76 and is known as W. 52nd Avenue and W. 80th Avenue within Arvada. To the west, SH 95 provides connections to Golden and the foothills of Jefferson County.

Highway 121

Highway 121 (SH 121) forms part of the beltway around Denver and Arvada. It runs north-south on the eastern side of Arvada, connecting C-470 and I-76. SH 121 follows Wadsworth Parkway and Wadsworth Boulevard through the city and provides access to neighborhoods like Wheat Ridge, unicorporated Jefferson County, and Westminster.

Major Arterial Streets

In addition to the highway system, Arvada has an extensive network of arterial streets that connect neighborhoods and provide north-south and east-west routes across the city. Here are some of the most important arterial roadways in Arvada:

  • Wadsworth Boulevard – Runs north-south nearly the entire length of the city from Wheat Ridge to Broomfield. A major commercial corridor with businesses and shopping centers.
  • Kipling Street – Crosses Arvada east-west from Lakewood to Wheat Ridge. Home to the Apex Recreation Center.
  • Ralston Road – Forked arterial that connects central Arvada to neighborhoods in the northwest part of the city.
  • Sheridan Boulevard – North-south route parallel to Wadsworth that serves neighborhoods like Leyden Rock.
  • Quaker Street – East-west route linking Olde Town Arvada with neighborhoods to the west.
  • 64th Avenue – Major east-west arterial running from Indiana Street west towards Golden.
  • 72nd Avenue – Crosses Arvada from Commerce City to the west, providing highway access.
  • 80th Avenue – Similar to 72nd, this arterial crosses eastern Arvada.
  • Pomona Drive – North-south road through the heart of Arvada near Olde Town.
  • Carr Street – East-west route that terminates at Olde Town to the west.

Olde Town Arvada Street Grid

The Olde Town district of Arvada features a traditional street grid pattern with blocks oriented north-south and east-west. Olde Town is centered around Grandview Avenue, Ralston Road, Webster Street, Wadsworth Boulevard, and Vance Street. Some of the key streets include:

  • Grandview Ave – Olde Town’s “Main Street” with restaurants, bars, and shopping.
  • Ralston Rd – Bordered by shops and Olde Town Square on the south side.
  • Webster St – Tree-lined street through the residential heart of Olde Town.
  • Wadsworth Blvd – Historic route into Olde Town from the south.
  • Vance St – Marks the northern boundary of Olde Town Arvada.

Smaller side streets and cross streets help connect the major roads through Olde Town in a classic grid. This network creates a walkable environment with shops and eateries close together.

Major Intersections and Roundabouts

Arvada’s roadways intersect at various major junctions that are important for navigating the city. Here are some of the busiest and most notable intersections:

  • Kipling Street and I-70 – Key interchange providing access to Lakewood and Denver West.
  • Wadsworth Blvd and I-70 – Main entrance to Olde Town Arvada from the highway.
  • Wadsworth Pkwy and I-76 – Beltway connection southeast of the city center.
  • Sheridan Blvd and I-76 – North Arvada interchange linking to Boulder.
  • 64th Ave and I-76 – Links Arvada and southeast Denver suburbs.
  • Indiana Street and 72nd Ave – Intersection of two major east-west arterials.
  • Ralston Road and Wadsworth Blvd – Heart of Olde Town near the town square.

Arvada also utilizes roundabouts at some complex intersections to improve traffic flow. Notable roundabouts include Independence St and Grandview Ave in Olde Town, as well as the intersection of Robb St and Oak St.

Neighborhood Streets

Branching off the major roadways are the neighborhood streets that provide local access within Arvada’s residential communities. These include historic neighborhoods around Olde Town along with newer subdivisions to the east and west. Arvada neighborhoods typically have curvilinear street patterns or cul-de-sacs rather than grids.

Some of Arvada’s largest residential developments include Leyden Rock east of SH-93, Canterbury and Winter Park northwest of I-76, Ralston Fields southwest of SH-72 and SH-93, and Westminster Tanglewood between SH-95 and SH-121. Each neighborhood has its own winding street network separate from the major thoroughfares.

Tables Comparing Roadways

Arvada Highway Comparison

HighwayLength in ArvadaSpeed LimitKey Exits
I-708 miles55-65 mphKipling St, Wadsworth Blvd
I-765 miles55 mph64th Ave, SH 72
C-4704 miles55 mphWadsworth Pkwy, Kipling St
SH 934 miles40-45 mphSH 72, SH 95
SH 955 miles35-45 mphI-76, SH 121
SH 1213 miles40 mphI-76, SH 95

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  • Upon leaving the airport, get on Peña Boulevard heading west. Take I-70 west towards the mountains for approximately 10 miles before taking exit 269 for Kipling Street. Turn left onto Kipling Street and continue north for 3 miles. Turn right onto 58th Avenue and continue east for 1⁄2 mile before turning left onto Harlan Street. The destination will be on your right after passing 52nd Avenue.
  • Start by getting on I-25 north from downtown and continue for approximately 10 miles. Take exit 215 onto 58th Avenue. Turn left off the exit and go west on 58th Avenue for around 4 miles before turning right onto Harlan Street. Drive north on Harlan Street by passing 52nd Avenue and look for #5460 on your right after about 1⁄2 mile.
  • Get on US-36 east heading towards Denver. Take this freeway for around 20 miles before merging onto I-25 south towards Denver. Drive approximately 5 miles before taking exit 215 for 58th Avenue. Turn right off the exit onto 58th Avenue heading west for 4 miles before turning right onto Harlan Street. Look for #5460 half a mile down Harlan Street on your right just after passing 52nd Avenue.